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Welcome to CG RIFF. Let my individualized approach to character animation coaching help take your work to the next level. Whether you are a student or recent graduate hoping to break into the industry, or a professional looking to get over a hump and kick your career into high gear,  I have a service for you.


My à la carte offerings allow you to pick and choose the level of one-on-one guidance that's right for you. My flexible coaching style means I can design strategies based on your individual strengths and weaknesses to help you craft a demo reel that will move you one step closer to your career goals on YOUR schedule.


If you simply need fresh eyes on a shot you have been working on, want overall guidance on your current demo reel or are interested in working through a shot from planning to polish with an industry veteran coaching you every step of the way you have come to the right place.



     Hi, my name is Aaron McGriff, and I am a professional animator currently working at Pixar Animation Studios.  I have over 15 years of industry experience working on a wide range of projects including Elemental, Lightyear, Luca, Soul, Canvas, The Witches, Men in Black International, Avengers Infinity War and many others. I am currently working on Pixar’s upcoming Disney+ show, Win or Lose.  View my latest reel here.

      Since 2010 one of my passions has been helping aspiring animators acquire the skills necessary to reach their career goals, with a focus on strong character performances, workflow and creating a winning demo reel. I also provide general career guidance for more seasoned professionals. I offer a host of personalized services aimed at meeting you where you are and identifying strategies to take your reel to the next level. Get in touch if you think I can be of service to you.


How Can I Serve You?

  • ~30 minute video review of a single shot or sequence
    59.99 US dollars
  • Video review of your demo reel as a whole
    74.99 US dollars
  • 1 hour live video conference with Aaron
    109.99 US dollars
  • 1-on-1 shot work from planning to polish at your pace.
    1,699 US dollars
  • 4 hr workshop on crafting a winning reel. Includes live reel review.
    129.99 US dollars
  • Planning for Success. A 4.5 hour workshop exploring animation workflow...
    99.99 US dollars
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