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from an 18-year industry veteran




We aim to offer something for everyone with all of our programs designed with flexibility,

budget friendliness and maximized review time in mind.

12-Week Course

Advanced Character Performance

Full Coaching Package

1-on-1 Session

Shot Review

Demo Reel Review






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Why choose CG RIFF?

I know there are a lot of options out there for studying animation and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Having worked at some of the most celebrated animation and VFX studios in the world have given me the perspective to know exactly what it takes to not only break into the industry, but to thrive and grow once you've gotten your foot in the door as well. Over my 10+ years of mentoring up-and-coming animators, I've developed my highly individualized, performance based approach to character animation coaching to help take your work to the next level.

WhAT sets CG RIFF apart?

CG RIFF was one of the very first programs to offer à la carte services designed to allow you to pick and choose the level of one-on-one guidance that's right for your time constraints and your budget. My flexible coaching style means I can design strategies based on your individual strengths and weaknesses to help you craft a demo reel that will move you one step closer to your career goals on YOUR schedule. Our small class sizes ensure industry leading amounts review time, and our wide variety of both live and recorded offerings and bundles let you choose the amount of face time that's right for you.


We are first and foremost a character performance based coaching platform. This is the place to come if you really want to learn what it means to bring a character to life through clear and specific choices to achieve feature film quality performances that can entertain and engage an audience. Whether you are a student or recent graduate hoping to break into the industry, or a professional looking to get over a hump and kick your career into high gear,  I have a service for you.  If you simply need fresh eyes on a shot you have been working on, want overall guidance on your current demo reel or are interested in working through a shot from planning to polish with an industry veteran coaching you every step of the way, you have come to the right place. That being said, we do not currently offer services geared at absolute beginners, so a basic knowledge of 3d animation software and principles is necessary to get the most out of our programs.

  • 18+ years of experience

  • 12 years mentoring

  • Small class sizes

  • Affordable rates

  • Payment plans available on 12-week class

  • Feature quality rigs

  • Shots lit and rendered

  • Flexible schedules

  • Focus on planning and strong character performance

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Meet your Instructor

     Hi, my name is Aaron McGriff, and I am a professional animator currently working at Pixar Animation Studios.  I have over 18 years of industry experience working on a wide range of projects including Elemental, Lightyear, Luca, Soul, Canvas, The Witches, Men in Black International, Avengers Infinity War and many others. I am currently working on Pixar’s highly anticipated upcoming feature Inside Out 2.  

      Since 2010 one of my passions has been helping aspiring animators acquire the skills necessary to reach their career goals, with a focus on strong character performances, workflow and creating a winning demo reel. I also provide general career guidance for more seasoned professionals. I offer a host of personalized services aimed at meeting you where you are and identifying strategies to take your reel to the next level. Get in touch if you think I can be of service to you.


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Student testimonials

Tai Beaumont, MA

Aaron’s coaching sessions helped me to improve my animation skills and create some of my best work. He critiqued a shot of mine that went viral and led to many job interviews, culminating in a job offer. 




student showcase



We're thrilled to be strategic partners with Mansur-Rig. All of our full time students will have full subscription access to their ever growing line-up of super appealing, feature level rigs during their course of their term, including CG RIFF exclusive mods and more in development.


We're so excited to leverage our strategic partnership with The Academy of Animated Art, a lighting and rendering school. ALL students in our 12-week program and full coaching package will be paired with one of their talented students upon completion of their shot to have their shots lit and rendered as a perk fully included in their tuition.


We're pleased to offer our students preferred member pricing as friends of fRigging Awesome Studios. CG RIFF full time students can enjoy 20% off site wide on their collection of rigs and other tools.

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