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CG RIFF Podcast

We are so excited to have launched an animation podcast, sitting down with conversations with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring inspirational content to the greater animation community. Listen as these titans of our craft share their hearts and journeys.

Episode #1 - Frank Abney III

For our inaugural episode of the CG RIFF Podcast, I sat down with veteran animator and Director Frank Abney III (Coco, Incredibles 2, Canvas, Soul, Boss Baby) to discuss his career, current projects and more. Hear the details about his upcoming short film project Black Man, Black Man, and learn effective ways to seek out mentors along your journey, both in and outside of your field. Celebrate Black History Month with us as we discuss representation in media and the legacy or African-Americas in the animation industry.


Episode #2 - Zach Parrish

For our second episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with former classmate and Director/Animation Director, Zach Parrish (Wreck it Ralph, Big Hero 6, The Sea Beast) to discuss his journey into animation, his meteoric rise to leadership, directing his dream project, dealing with imposter syndrome and more. From student, to animator, to supervisor to directing 2 shorts at Disney, and most recently serving as Animation Director for Netflix on The Sea Beast, Zach's story is sure to motivate and inspire. Learn the key to his speed and hear about his process and workflow approaching shots.

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