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Frequently Asked questions
What makes CG RIFF different?

I started CG RIFF to fill a hole I saw in animation coaching offerings, namely: access to à la carte options to fit any schedule and budget, one-on-one access to your instructor and adequate critique lengths to identify as many issues with your shot or reel to set you up for success. I have designed all of my programs with flexibility in mind to meet each individual animator exactly where they are and help them to move closer to their goals. At CG RIFF we focus heavily on proper planning and really putting in the work to bring thoughtful, clear and  specific character performances to life.

How much experience do I need?

You will get the most out of my reviews if you already have a decent understanding of the basic animation principles and already have a demo reel that we can work together to improve upon. My program isn't really designed for beginners and is more geared towards students right on the cusp of breaking into the industry or people already working in the industry who are looking to advance their careers and bring their reel up to a feature film level.

In terms of equipment, a computer capable of running the 3d animation software of your choice, a good internet connection and a web cam (for 1-on-1 or full coaching package only) is all you will need.

What equipment do I need?

While my program is strictly geared towards 3d computer animation, I do not require the use of any particular software. I will say, however, that I am a long time Maya user, and while I will not be doing many software specific demos except as needed in the full coaching package, I will be able to assist Maya users most, should software questions arise. That being said, all of my reel or shot reviews will focus purely on the animation and not the program you used to create it. Any package (Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, etc.) is fine. I also use Synsketch as part of my review process. You can create a Synsketch account for free online.

What software do I need?

Yes. We are pleased to offer all full time students access to a Mansur Rig subscription during the course of their term. You will have full access to their ever growing library of rigs to use in class. My program is focused on critique and execution of shots for your demo reel and improving your understanding of what it takes to craft a memorable shot from start to finish.  Additionally, CG RIFF students can enjoy preferred partner pricing on all rigs provided through fRigging Awesome Studios. Find out more here. I am also happy to suggest other free or affordably priced rigs that I think will set you up for success based on the needs of your shot. I am happy to critique shots that are already in progress done with any rigs, but I prefer that for shots you are starting from scratch with me, you use rigs that aren't affiliated with any online school.

Do you provide rigs?
How will I receive my reviews?

Standard reel and shot reviews will be delivered via Dropbox link (Dropbox account not required) and will also be accompanied by a Syncsketch link for you to access your drawovers. Reviews given live during hour long 1-on-1 sessions are not recorded and it will be up to you to take notes. You will still receive the Syncsketch link afterwards.

What is the booking/application process?

Booking a time slot is handled through the website. The site reflects my current availability. Select a date and time and your shot and reel reviews will be received within 3 days of the time you choose. One-on-one meetings will happen live at the time selected. Full coaching packages will start on the date selected with a live orientation meeting, but the subsequent meetings will happen as needed on a flexible schedule that we determine together. You will not be locked to only meeting on a certain day of the week. After you purchase a review time slot, I will contact you with review release paperwork and any additional details prior to our scheduled meeting time.

What if I can’t make a scheduled session?

I completely understand that sometimes things happen, but I do ask that you provide as much notice as possible if you will be unable to make your scheduled session. I am happy to reschedule and find another slot that will work for you. Unfortunately, if you are a complete no show at your scheduled time, with no prior notice, there will be no rescheduling and no refund issued.

For any additional questions please fill out the contact form below.

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