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My Passion is Helping Others Grow!

I began my animation career in 2005 in New York City after graduating with my B.F.A. in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Over the next several years, I honed my craft as an animator at Croog Studios, Walsh Family Media, Charlex, Method Studios, and Launch, where I served as a Creative Director until 2016. While in New York, I worked on a wide range of projects from television programs, to commercial pre-vis and indie features before moving out west to pursue my passion of working on feature films.


After moving to California, I landed work on the critically acclaimed VR project Arden’s Wake: Tide’s Fall at Penrose Studios followed by a string of visual effects animation projects at Industrial Light and Magic, Atomic Fiction, and Method Studios. During this time, I completed animation work on projects including Avengers: Infinity War, Welcome to Marwen, Velvet Buzzsaw, Bloodshot, Being Good, Men in Black International, Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick, The OA, For All Mankind, Canvas and Robert Zemekis’ remake of The Witches before landing at Pixar Animation Studios in late 2019. Since joining Pixar I have completed work on SoulLuca, Lightyear and I am currently working on the upcoming feature, Elemental (2023). I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and son. When not animating and coaching aspiring animators, I enjoy traveling, music, theater, great food, and cycling.

I started CG RIFF because I saw an opportunity to offer à la carte services to those who might only need a little guidance or fresh eyes on their work, but might not have the time and budget to invest in longer form training all at once. I hope that the one-on-one nature of my approach might appeal to those who want longer more in depth critiques than are possible in a larger classroom setting. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding how I might be of assistance on your journey.

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