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Here's what some of my past students have to say about

their time working with me.

"Aaron’s coaching sessions helped me to improve my animation skills and create some of my best work. He critiqued a shot of mine that went viral and led to many job interviews, culminating in a job offer. Feedback is an important part of working in the animation industry and you can trust Aaron’s eye. He won’t do the animation for you, you still have to put the time in, but he will teach you how to be more critical of your work and to look at it from many different angles. I really wish I had this type of online education when I was younger, and I also wish I had thought to find a mentor as great as Aaron sooner in my animation career. Highly recommended!"

-Tai Beaumont

"During the time between finishing my animation courses and looking for work I came across Aaron and reached out for any advice or critique he could offer. He was kind enough to not only answer my message but to continue to give me critique for both my show reel and whatever shot I was currently working on. His one on one sessions helped guide me and shape my show reel to better match what the industry was looking for and his openness with sharing his skills and tips was greatly appreciated. We became friends through the whole process and continue to keep in touch now that I have gotten work in the industry."

-Joanne Raithby

"Aaron mentored me during a workshop in 2020, it was great! I like Aaron’s approach to planning a shot, he makes a point of having you write a little backstory for your character, which in the end helps a lot while animating. It's important to know who your character is to better portray their personality through movement. Aaron gives clear and precise feedback, and you won't wait long before having your recorded review. I highly recommend that any students or professionals work with Aaron. You'll learn with him no matter your skill level!"

-Simon Vergereau

"After coming across a reel review video Aaron did for another animator, I realised how in-depth and thorough his reviews were. I decided to message Aaron asking for a breakdown of my own reel. What I received was an in-depth, thorough video outlining the strengths and weaknesses of my showreel. Aaron told me what I needed to work on to get my showreel to a good level. After this, I decided to work on a sequence shot with Aaron. From the get go, Aaron really pushed me on the video reference and story telling aspect, this gave the shot specific and believable performances. This shot in particular got me a lot of recognition with recruiters. Not only is Aaron a very talented animator but extremely generous with his time. He always takes as long as he needs to get the best out of a shot. His passion for the craft really shows in his reviews, he gives extremely detailed video reviews (artistically and technically if needed) which pushed my work to another level. After working with Aaron on a sequence shot and polishing up a few older shots, my showreel got recognition from recruiters and I started to get work. I owe a lot to Aaron, thank you dude!"

-Atif Ebrahim

"I completed Aaron’s 10 week full coaching package and in that time he helped to see me all the way through a 10 second shot, from reference to polish. I can say with certainty that his feedback improved this shot’s outcome considerably but beyond just the success of the piece itself I learned so much from my time in this program. From acting choices to the nuances of facial animation, cinematography and even anatomy, Aaron’s depth of animation knowledge is invaluable. His comprehensive reviews will put forth the extra attention to detail to make sure your work is as good as it could be. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from and grow with his support."

-Miki Sharlet
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